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Discover what past clients have to say

"Working with Justine transformed my business completely! In the beginning, I wasn’t confident in my skill and I kept attracting people that didn’t see my worth therefore I was stuck at prices that weren’t making me money. After our very first call I raised my prices, at the beginning of the month I charged someone $85 for a garland and by the end of that month, I booked a $400 install! Justine has gotten me on track that by May 2021 I will be making $5k in one month. Working with Justine was the best decision I made for my business!" -Amber R.

"My new strengths are thinking like a CEO. CEOs are problem solvers. I’ve learned to take out the emotion out of the problem and do whatever I have to do to fix it. I’ve learned that I have to fail fast to scale my business. I also learned that being an entrepreneur is all about accepting failures with open arms. You learn from every mistake and every failure.

-Leslie C.

"Before working with Justine, I was all over the place. I was making pretzels treats and trying to make balloons. This was very hard & it felt like I was working hard and still not getting any clients. Ever since I offered one niche, the clients began coming! It was not clear what I was selling...until I focused on one thing, then the clients started coming into my business. Working with Justine helped me with the entrepreneurial aspect, along with how to set my prices and get clients that want to pay!! Justine is a phenomenal coach and she will push you, whether you want to hear it or not (haha).. so event designers sign up for this program today!" -Joy B.

"This experience has really helped me grow as a Business Woman. The support of everyone in this group is so supportive of each other. I really appreciate everyone and their opinions. I really want to express my gratitude for what Justine does to help us grow as business owners.  Her knowledge that she shares is priceless!" -Linda L.

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